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Perfect Guide App for Your Museum or Gallery to Attract New Visitors

Multimedia tours

Create more exciting experience for your visitors enriching museum tours with multimedia content

Visitors feedback

 Improve your services using visitors statistics and reviews

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News feed

Promote upcoming events, new exhibitions and workshops among Maugry users

Multilingual content

Provide up to 25 languages for your foreign guests


Why Maugry?

Some reasons for Maugry to be the most popular app for museums and visitors all over the world

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Social Networks Integration

One-click feature for visitors to tell about their experience in your museum

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Multi-platform Support

Single App for Android and iOS and light web-version for other platforms

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All museums platform

Maugry is sharing audience among all museums to increase visitors rate

How Does It Work?

Maugry is based on combination of two popular technologies: QR-codes and Mobile App. This complex creates a strong and long-term connection between museum and visitors.

QR-codes + Mobile App


Qr-codes are an easy to implement technology. Attaching QR-codes to exhibits labels allows you to display additional information on your exhibits. 

  • Multimedia support: HD images, video, audio materials
  • Push notifications and newsline for museum followers
  • Opportunity to promote exhibits for sale, e.g. paintings, pictures via app etc
  • Opportunity to provide paid content, e.g. audio tours via app

Modern technologies and museum experience help us to create new useful features for museums and visitors. All this makes Maugry a unique solution in the museum app market.

What Does Maugry Provide to Your Visitors?

Maugry is free and easy to use tool that helps users to choose a museum to visit, allows them to get exciting experience during their visit and follow favorite museums and galleries after.

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    Free for Download
    Feel free to download Maugry and start to discover amazing things right now!
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    Great Usability
    We made Maugry easy to use and also adopted it for people with disabilities.
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    Clean and Modern Design
    We made Maugry following modern design trends.
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Main features

(download Maugry using links below to discover all features)

  • Multimedia excursions
  • Museums map 
  • Offline mode (if no internet connection)
  • News subscription

More About Maugry App

FAQ. You have questions, we have the answers

Three simple steps. Firstly, choose the exhibits you want to show your visitors in the App. Secondly, we enter multimedia content about them in Maugry. Finally, place QR-codes in you exhibition and Maugry is ready to use! Just send us a request for it!

Using Maugry together with your QR-codes brings you additional valuable services. You will be able to keep in touch with your visitors and invite them to new events. Also Maugry is created to show various multimedia materials and it is adopted to make users experience more exciting.

No worries! Maugry supports offline mode. That means that your visitors will be able to download the tour in advance and get to know your museum without internet connection. One internet access point is enough.

In comparison with traditional audio guides Maugry is more functional, i.e. it supports audio, video, HD images etc. Moreover Maugry promotes your museum and extends your audience. Besides you can sell audio tours through Maugry.

Still have another question? Contact us and let's talk about it.

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